Why Esthetic Magnet?

Here to promote inclusivity in the beauty industry. We are the only brand that sells glasses approved magnetic lashes.

Are they cruelty free?

Yes, 100% vegan and cruelty free.

How long do they last?

Up to 60 wears, if well looked after.

Does it damage your natural lashes?

Not at all. The lashes will only stick to the magnetic liner applied to your eyelids ,and hence avoiding attachment or pulling on your natural lashes.

How do you apply magnetic lashes?

1.Apply first coat of magnetic eyeliner

2.Allow to dry for 2minutes

3.Apply second coat of magnetic eyeliner

4.Allow eyeliner to dry completely

5.Starting from the inner corner of the eyelid, apply magnetic eyelashes

6.When happy with placement, lightly press lashes to set 

How do you take off the lashes?

It is so easy to remove. Gently peel them off from either corner. This will not pull out 1/2 of your natural lashes, as old school glue tends to do.

How do you remove the liner?

I recommend you to use waterproof makeup remover- such as micellar water, coconut or baby oil to clean the eyeliner off your eyelid.

Can I sleep with the eyelashes on?

I do not recommend you sleep with them on, to preserve their shelf life. They are easy to reapply in the mornings though.

Can I trim the lash band for  length?

Yes, you can trim them from the outer end to fit your eye size and to make them comfortable.

Can I wear eyeliner underneath?

Yes you can. Ensure it's an oil free product, so the lashes can stay on for 12+ hours.

I have allergic reactions to some liner. Are these a good fit?

Esthetic Magnet's eyeliner is a gentle formula that is hypoallergenic/nasties free. I suggest you check the ingredients list found on the website.

Can I wear Esthetic Magnet's glasses friendly lashes without them fluttering against my lenses?

100% Yes. Esthetic Magnet is a specialist in glasses friendly magnetic eyelashes.

Does the eyeliner smudge? 

Esthetic Magnet's eyeliner is smudge proof?.